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Vision for Limerick’s Newest Urban Quarter Unveiled

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A Vision for Limerick’s Newest Urban Quarter Unveiled

Colbert Quarter is a new and ambitious project based upon the Spatial Framework for the area that has been developed with our partners, Limerick Council, CIE and HSE. It represents a blueprint for the potential transformation of this strategically significant area of Limerick City over the next twenty years. 

The Colbert Quarter, an area in the heart of Limerick City made up almost entirely of state-owned land, offers the potential to truly transform underutilised brownfield areas into a vibrant, liveable, mixed-use and compact urban quarter.

The Spatial Framework:

The Spatial Framework sets out a vision for the area with principles to guide it’s future development aligning with key objectives and policies within the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028. It also supports and aligns with the ambitious growth plans for Limerick for compact urban growth and optimising brownfield land as set out in the National Planning Framework.

This Framework demonstrates the vision and potential to open up significant parts of the Colbert Quarter and create a vibrant new mixed-use quarter and gateway to the city. These ambitions for Limerick’s newest city quarter include the potential to deliver 2,800 new mixed-tenure homes with a focus on affordable housing, landmark office and commercial space alongside improved opportunities for health, education and employment. This is all proposed to be set within a highly connected series of parklands and open spaces with enhanced green areas and a new high quality public realm. This public realm will comprise a network of links and proposals for a new community-focussed sporting hub to provide enhanced opportunities for recreational activities that meets the needs of both the existing and future residents of the area. 

Exciting features of the plan include a proposed new raised pedestrian walkway and cycleway: ‘The Limerick Link’. This elevated walkway provides an opportunity to safely connect schools to new recreational areas south of the station while also connecting the various neighbourhoods together in a sustainable pedestrian/cycle friendly way. The Limerick Link has the potential to be a landmark feature, connecting the Colbert area, to the wider City and beyond. 

The 180-year old Colbert station and relevant brownfield lands surrounding the area have the potential to be imaginatively transformed through the proposals set out in the Framework. This includes potential for new landmark buildings, office, retail, dining and socialising space, a hotel, new linkages across the railway,  a touchdown zone with cycle parking, electric cycle charging and much more. The Colbert Station Plaza has the potential to become a focal point for a range of amenities, including a new community focussed building – Limerick Living Room which has the potential to provide a unique viewing platform and venue for cultural and leisure activities, building upon Limerick’s cultural and city initiatives. 

Download the Executive Summary and the full framework from our resources page.

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Vision Key Themes

Explore the key themes this plan has been developed around.

Connectivity & Transport

The creation and development of the Limerick Link, which is a unique walking and cycling route that weaves through the entire new city quarter, connecting the different neighbourhoods, crossing existing infrastructure and creating the option of safe and sustainable travel. It is envisioned that this 15-minute walkable neighbourhood will cater to all of the needs of the new community.

Sustainable Housing

This plan has the potential to deliver up to 2,540-2,830 high quality, energy-efficient new homes, including affordable housing with a mixture of tenure for all generations. It will be an exemplar for urban living, giving residents access to whole-of-life amenities. 

Employment, Commercial & Education

The redevelopment of Colbert Quarter will create thousands of new jobs locally through the development of high quality offices, coworking/innovation hubs and research space. There is also provision for new school facilities at the heart of the community. 

Community & Culture

Limerick is a city rich in heritage and culture. Building upon this, there is a provision for new community facilities including a civic centre, a people’s pavilion, and an open space ‘The Yards’ for creativity music and all arts. 

Health & Wellbeing

Colbert Quarter will host a new Integrated Health Campus on the site of St. Joseph’s, with the potential for key healthcare worker homes and age friendly older persons sheltered accommodation. 

Sports & Recreation

One of the most voiced aspirations from the local community calls for a new municipal hall to accommodate sports and other community group meet-ups indoors. An all-weather sports pitch is another recurring need voiced by the sporting community.

Green Spaces & Biodiversity

Preserving and enhancing biodiversity is one of the guiding principles of the overall vision for the area. This has been provided for in a number of ways, including a focus on pedestrian links through green spaces to heighten awareness and appreciation across the community.

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