Colbert Quarter is set to become a sustainable and flourishing new urban quarter for Limerick. It is expected to offer vibrant and compact neighbourhoods in a well-connected, serviced and walkable environment. This will include community and recreational amenities, a high-quality public realm and parkland setting to enhance liveability and well-being, whilst promoting sustainability and flexibility for the area to evolve over time.

Colbert Station Quarter Vision Districts

A network of new and improved transit links will promote sustainable and active travel, better connecting new and existing communities with supporting neighbourhood amenities.

Colbert Quarter is planned to become a gateway for Limerick, with landmark buildings and high-quality employment, office and commercial space, providing opportunities for inward investment and job creation, with potential for cultural and leisure activities which will support the creation of a vibrant and inclusive character, building upon Limerick’s cultural and other rejuvenation initiatives.

Early development opportunities will act as a catalyst to demonstrate the vision, set the tempo for development and support the unlocking of the transformative potential of this new urban quarter and gateway for Limerick.

The reimagined Colbert Quarter offers a unique opportunity to develop a transformative, vibrant and sustainable urban neighbourhood, in the heart of Limerick, that is liveable, well connected and supports the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the city and indeed the people of Limerick. The vision for this new city quarter is a shared one and has been developed taking into account feedback at the earlier design review stage of engagement in early 2020.

The Framework aims to develop an inclusive and integrated community with high quality sustainable homes, new commercial development opportunities, a network of enhanced green areas to promote biodiversity and support a host of community, social, sporting and recreational activities set in an attractive public realm with a network of links to enhance wellbeing and integration with the surrounding community.

Key Themes

The key themes which are displayed through the new quarters include:

Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Connectivity & Transport

The creation and development of the Limerick Link, which is a unique walking and cycling route that weaves through the entire new city quarter, connecting the different neighbourhoods, crossing existing infrastructure and creating the option of safe and sustainable travel. It is envisioned that this 15-minute walkable neighbourhood will cater to all of the needs of the new community. 

  • Comprehensive new transport links focusing on pedestrian, cycling, bus and train connections; building on the position of Colbert Station at the heart of the area and the idea of transport orientated development (TOD). This aligns well with CIE plans and proposals to enhance Colbert Station facilities and offer it as a sustainable transport hub for Limerick.
  • Development of the Limerick Link, an innovative and unique walking and cycling route that meanders through the entire area, connecting the different neighbourhoods, crossing existing infrastructure and creating the option of safe and sustainable travel.
  • Creation of healthy streets with consideration to air quality and high quality public realm to support access to nature and well-being.
  • Opening up the whole area  with a network of green corridors. 
  • Provision of new sustainable transport routes and travel options, removing the primacy of the private car.
  • Creation of a 15-minute walkable neighbourhood where all of the needs of the new community are met within a 15 minute walk/cycle of their home.
Marker - Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing

This plan has the potential to deliver up to 2,500 high quality, energy-efficient new homes, including affordable housing with a mixture of tenure for all generations. It will be an exemplar for urban living, giving residents access to whole-of-life amenities.

  • Potential to deliver up to 2,800 new A-rated homes into the future including affordable housing with a mixture of tenure for all generations with family units and step down units 
  • Provision of 500 student bed spaces
  • Urban centre living with close access to core amenities and the creation of a 15 minute neighbourhood.
  • Provision of sustainable high quality homes that are efficient and affordable to operate
Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Employment, Commercial and Education

The redevelopment of Colbert Quarter will create thousands of new jobs locally through the development of high quality offices, coworking/innovation hubs and research space. There is also provision for new school facilities at the heart of the community.

  • Creation of thousands of new jobs locally, through the development of high quality office and flexible employment and research  space
  • Provision of improved local amenity and retail offerings
  • Multifunctional workspaces offering potential for coworking/innovation hubs
  • Potential to consolidate and expand education provision and improve identity and access to existing schools with new access to green sustainable assets.
  • Provision of additional adult education/further education space.
  • Provision of space for new school facilities at the heart of the community to meet its needs as it grows over time
Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Community & Culture

Limerick is a city rich in heritage and culture. Building upon this, there is a provision for new community facilities including a civic centre, a people’s pavilion, and an open space ‘The Yards’ for creativity, music and all arts. 

  • Potential for new community facilities including, a people’s pavilion – a new civic space overlooking a large urban park and a large flexible sports/community building.  Also proposed are areas for creativity, performance such as music, arts, activity rooms and community spaces. 
  • The public realm assets offer opportunities for a holistic cohesive community.
Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Health & Wellbeing

Colbert Quarter will host a new Integrated Health Campus on the site of St. Joseph’s, with the potential for key healthcare worker homes and age friendly older persons sheltered accommodation.

  • Potential for Integrated Healthcare Campus with a network of access routes focusing on pedestrian and cycling greenways to meet the needs of the HSE over time.
  • Opportunities for enhancing existing therapeutic horticulture activities supporting local health and wellbeing. 
  • Potential for key healthcare worker homes, age-friendly homes for older persons and sheltered accommodation.
Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Sports & Recreation

One of the most voiced aspirations from the local community calls for a new municipal hall to accommodate sports and other community group meet-ups indoors. An all-weather sports pitch is another recurring need voiced by the sporting community.

  • Potential to consolidate and enhance provision for playing grounds to include an all weather pitch, a multifunctional municipal hall, climbing wall, skatepark, bmx facility, new green corridors for walking, cycling and running
Marker - Connectivity and Transport

Greenspaces & Biodiversity

Preserving and enhancing biodiversity is one of the guiding principles of the overall vision for the area. This has been provided for in a number of ways, including a focus on pedestrian links through green spaces to heighten awareness and appreciation across the community.

  • The promotion of biodiversity is a key principle throughout, with sustainable natural drainage, green corridors, protection of native species, development of green areas, woodlands, splash/rain parks. 
  • This project encourages a focus on pedestrian links through green spaces supporting recreation, enjoyment, education and long term preservation of the natural habitat.

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