St.Joseph's Hospital

As part of the consultation and engagement process for the St. Joseph’s Hospital project, The Land Development Agency is delighted to publish the St. Joseph’s Hospital Draft Masterplan. In addition, we have published an “Executive Summary” of the Draft Masterplan which may be of interest in providing a high level overview of the key aspects of the full Draft Masterplan. 

The published materials can be viewed as an interactive “flip-book” by clicking on the icons below, or downloaded as a PDF file, as preferred. Please visit the “Resources” page on this website for a library of materials published previously (in 2022) as part of the Colbert Quarter Spatial Framework. 

Executive Summary of the Draft Masterplan

The Executive Summary document provides an efficient and high-level overview of the key aspects which are otherwise described in more detail within the Draft Masterplan. 

St. Joseph's Hospital Draft Masterplan

As a key project forming part of the Colbert Quarter Spatial Framework, the St. Joseph’s Hospital project comprises the Roxboro and Ballysimon Districts previously identified. The Draft Masterplan represents an important next step in realising the vision and ambition promoted within the Colbert Quarter Spatial Framework. 

For context, the aerial image below identifies the extent of the project lands to which the Draft Masterplan relates, and the context of the receiving environment, including the HSE’s operational St. Joseph’s Hospital alongside:

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Draft Masterplan seeks to build on the ambitions outlined in the Colbert Quarter Spatial Framework, and centres on the following 5 core principles:

Supporting active travel – a walkable and safe neighbourhood.

• Establishing the Limerick Link (a new urban pedestrian and cycleway) and social exchange along its route.

An exemplar in sustainable design. A regenerative neighbourhood (quality living growing spaces, rainwater management, bio-diverse corridors and native planting)

Designing for clean air with generous green spaces which promotewell-being

The landscape is a key part of the place-making design with a thread of well-programmed open space which respond
to the existing context and knit together the proposed uses.

A great place to live which provide local amenities and community infrastructure to support the new and existing neighbourhood.

A design which provides a vibrant mix of uses, and which is also sensitive to the operations of the healthcare campus.

• The site’s unique natural and built heritage is celebrated in proposals.
• Designs seek to
maintain and enhance
existing landscape
features where